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SIGNED The Non-Zombie Apocalypse by Sechin Tower



One of a kind paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Originally only available as part of a Kickstarter campaign. However, this particular book has been inscribed, signed, and there is even a sketch drawn by the author. See pictures for more details. You won't be disappointed!

The students of the Mechanical Science Institute-better known as the Mad Science Institute-are accustomed to being feared and misunderstood. The world simply isn't ready to know about their antimatter reactors, dangerous devices, or even their pet videogame-playing lizard-monster. Sophia "Soap" Lazarchek, one of the newest members of the Institute, is starting to realize that not all of life's problems can be solved with robots. At only sixteen, Soap has been shipped off to this special school for the "college experience," which evidently includes eating cold pizza for breakfast, trying not to make a fool of herself on a date, and defending the world from doomsday machines. When an old enemy steals a prehistoric bioweapon capable of enslaving the planet, Soap and her classmates must put aside their differences and combine their unusual talents to unravel the conspiracy. If she is to prevent the approaching apocalypse, Soap will need to find the courage within herself to face down her own, personal nightmare before it infects everyone she's ever loved.