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Sidelights, Fanlights and Transoms Stained Glass Pattern Book by Ed Sibbett


Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

For well over nine centuries stained glass windows have adorned spectacular churches, important government buildings, and stately homes. It was not until relatively recently — during the Victorian era — that stained glass increasingly was used as an integral part of the design of middle-class, single-family residences.
Traditionally, a favorite location for the placement of stained glass windows was on and around doors. Today the domestic use of stained glass windows as ornamental sidelights, fanlights, and transoms continues to be extremely popular. It is for this purpose that the fascinating stained glass patterns in this volume have been specially designed.
The 180 patterns, of complexity varied enough to satisfy both the relatively inexperienced and the master crafters, represent many styles and themes: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, florals, birds, geometrics, and more. Each offers creative challenges in color design, glass cutting and construction. The patterns can be used singly or in conjunction with each other to dress up any door, or they can be adapted for many other stained glass applications. Depending on the size of the intended project, the patterns can be reproduced in larger or smaller sizes as necessary. All materials needed, including general instructions and tools for beginners, can usually be purchased from craft and hobby stores.