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SHELL SCOTT #27: Dead-Bang by Richard S Prather (1971)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Small bump spot on cover. See pictures. No other laws. Unread condition.

Hard to find!

Somebody had nabbed her father. And since she was twenty-five and luscious and shapely and all that, Shell Scott agreed to find the old man for her.It wasn't long before the affair grew more complex. The missing father turned out to be Emmanuel Bruno, the not-so-mad scientist whose formula for a combination health serum and aphrodisiac was sweeping the country. Then there was an influential radio evangelist, Festus Lemming, whose followers were ready to crucify Scott as the anti-Christ. And there was the added complication of ten international beauties who were planning to shed their clothing on a live news broadcast.

But the thing about the case that worried Scott most was the people who kept turning up dead.