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Seeing Fireworks by Elaine Coffman



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition.

This collection of four dazzling stories proves that falling in love has all the excitement of a brilliant fireworks display.

1. Playing With Fire by Elaine Coffman finds Susan Klein's birthday fireworks starting a dangerous brush fire. But rancher Wyatt Whittaker has fireworks of a different kind in mind for the charming city woman.

2. Summer Fling by Victoria Barrett finds passion sparking between old college friends Anne Hayden and Adam Weston during a sultry Fourth of July weekend. Will they let the embers die or grow into a blazing fire?

3. One Star-Spangled Night by Ashland Price unites a modern-day nurse, Alison Kimball, with wounded Revolutionary War Officer Richard Adams in a history-making romance.

4. Showers and Sparks by Trana Mae Simmons links free spirit Gerrie Cartwright with stick-in-the-mud Judge Zachariah Brenham. But the powers of love can set fire to even the slowest of heroes, and by the Fourth of July, passion is exploding like the fireworks in the sky overhead. Celebrating the Fourth of July has never before been this much fun!