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My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish #4: Any Fin is Possible by Mo O'Hara (2014)



Paperback in Good (G) condition. Shows standard wear but clean. 

The fourth book in the brilliant My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series – containing two funny (fishy) tales with laugh-out-loud cartoon illustrations that will hook you from the first page

Frankie was a completely normal pet goldfish . . . until Tom's evil-scientist big brother, Mark, tried to murder him with toxic gunge! Luckily Tom and his best friend Pradeep shocked Frankie back to life with a battery, and he's been their zombified fishy friend ever since.

When Pradeep and Tom take Frankie for a sleepover at the museum, history really does come to life as their evil big brothers try to reanimate the cursed Cat of Kings mummy. Dodging death-defying booby traps, can our fishy friend avoid becoming a mummified kitty snack?

In story two, there's something fishy going on at sports day. All the athletic kids seem to be losing their sporting abilities, while Tom's evil big brother Mark has suddenly become amazing at every single sport. Can Frankie help Pradeep and Tom to foil Mark's evil plans? Or will Mark and his pet vampire kitten, Fang, take home the gold?