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Mom's Almanac by Lena Tabori



Hardcover with DJ in Very Good (VG) condition. Clean and straight!

From the creators of the best-selling The Little Big Book for Moms comes another treasure for mothers: Mom's Almanac. Part reference, advice, and resource guide, and part cookbook, keepsake, activity, and crafts book, this almanac is packed with information and fun. It is brilliantly designed to showcase more than 300 pieces of vintage children's illustrations from beloved artists such as Jessie Willcox Smith, Kate Greenaway, and Maud Humphrey. Mom's Almanac will be organized into seven themed chapters: 1. The Bare Essentials - All the best basic information for mom, organized for easy reference with sleep and growth charts; first air and stain removal lists; potty training and discipline tips; age accomplishments; and developmental guides. Includes recommended books and web sites for further information. 2. Feeding Time - This chapter is a book in itself! It includes basic nutritional information and advice for a family's healthy diet; handy lists and charts, such as perfect pantry list, food storage charts, and freezing charts; and recipes and ideas for meals, snacks, and treats. 3. Having Fun - Suggestions, ideas, and activities for having fun, from stocking a dress-up box to raising you own butterflies; from star charts to quick retelling of favorite fairy tales; from great playground and car games to birthday party activities. 4. Stepping Out - Wondering where to go with your kids? This chapter is filled with top 10 and favorite lists, web sites for information, and suggestions for everything from easy outings to trips to cities and national parks. 5. Seasons and Holidays - Activities, recipes, and ideas for enjoying special times of the year with your children, including Christmas cookies and Halloween slime gelatin; nature walks in spring, and preserving leaves in autumn. 6. Preserving Memories - Tips and ideas for capturing all the magic of childhood for posterity, including how to take great pictures, select items to save, make baby or school-year scrapbooks, and create rituals to treasure. 7. The Best of Everything - Lists for everything from music and movies to books and toys for different age groups. Includes off-beat favorites.