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Mommy Prayers by Tracy Mayor



Compact hardcover in Fine (FN) condition. Ribbon bookmark. Hallmark gift book edition. Look unused. 

We all pray for world peace-but only moms need a "Prayer at Preschool Pickup: "O God, please don't let me be late. Please keep the light green for just one more second. Please fill the small, tight heart of the program director with mercy and pity so that she doesn't charge me the completely outrageous $1-per-minute late fee.""

What if there were a whole volume of prayers just for the frustrations, absurdities, and joys that moms of little kids face every day? Now there is: "Mommy Prayers," a wry and witty manual for young mothers. The prayers cover early mornings (""Please God, let the baby go back to sleep. Let her find her thumb. Give me just a half hour more."") to noon and night, with entreaties for dozens of special occasions sprinkled in ("Prayer for the Halloween Costume" and "Prayer Before the Plane Ride").

Whether seeking divine intervention for help with a biting toddler or a mother-in-law's extended visit, frazzled moms will find comfort in this heartwarming and entertaining collection. It's the perfectly heavenly gift.

Topics include:

Prayer for the Five-Minute Shower
Prayer Upon Leaving Work at 5 p.m. on the Dot
Prayer for Daddy Coming Through the Door
Prayer on Date Night
Prayer on the Fifth Day of Rain
Prayer Upon Exiting the Aircraft
and many more.