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LB Brief by Jane E. Aaron



Spiral bound book with tabs in Very Good (VG) condition. 

"LB Brief"offers the authority and currency of its best-selling parent, "The Little, Brown Handbook, " in two briefer, spiral-bound formats (one with tabs and one without tabs) at affordable prices. As in its previous edition, "LB Brief" provides students of varying skills and interests with clear, reliable, and accessible explanations of handbook basicsa the writing process, grammar and usage, and research writing. The Fourth Edition builds on the handbooka s usefulness with four main emphases: (1) reading and writing across the curriculum, including an expanded chapter on academic writing, showing students how to write in response to texts, and more coverage of argument, with information on how to handle opposing views and strengthen an ethical appeal; (2) research writing, including expanded discussions on how to find and evaluate print and Web sources, and a new research-paper-in-progress; (3) up-to-date documentation guidelines, including the most recent revisions to MLA and APA documentation styles, with numerous models of new media in each style and new annotated sample sources; (4) more writing process instruction, including a new student work-in-progress and new discussions of voice in writing.