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Jewels in the Louvre Adrien Goetz, Claudette Joannis

Condition Details: Hardcover in Good Condition



Jewelry has always captivated art enthusiasts, highlighting as it does the splendor of great historical figures and the symbolic meaning behind the attire of powerful rulers. Works from the Louvre’s departments include Pourbus’ portrait of Catherine de Medici, Velasquez’ portrait of the Infanta Maria Theresa, and the Regent diamond. Each painting or sculpture is shown in its entirety and in detail with a commentary illuminating the particular significance of jewelry in the work in question. The specialist authors divulge their own reflections on the works featured in an informative preface and in detailed captions. Devotees will welcome the fresh perspectives on these masterpieces, while jewelry aficionados will be delighted with the breadth of the collection.