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Intellectual Property by Margreth Barrett (2012)


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Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Clean and straight. 

Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age addresses the full range of legal protections for IP: trade secret, patent law, copyright law, trademarks/trade dress, state and federal intellectual property protections, protections for computer software, and a general overview of antitrust law. Top authors in the field integrate cases and materials with challenging practice problems to help students begin to think like practitioners, and their website provides continual updates. The text is deeply enriched by a law and economics perspective, giving students analytical tools to examine the subject in depth. The text is particularly strong on new media issues such as computer software. An annual statutory and case supplement includes an introduction to biotechnology as well a review of all the latest legal developments in IP. A Teacher’s Manual offers alternative syllabi for teaching the book in 3- and 4-credit comprehensive courses and for 2-credit courses in one of the subset areas of IP.

The Sixth Edition fully explores the America Invents Act (AIA), the most significant reform to the patent laws in 60 years. This includes a detailed explanation of the new “first inventor to file” priority and novelty rules; in-depth treatment of the new administrative procedures created by the AIA, including Post-Grant Review and Inter Partes Review; description of the new “prior user right;” changes in the best mode defense; and other features of the AIA.