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How to Be Santa Claus by Nick Kelsh



Hardcover with DJ in Fine (FN) condition. 

Something wonderful happened to Nick Kelsh last Christmas Eve. He became Santa Claus. Donning appropriate red suit, boots, and beard, he knocked on a friend's front door and brought magic to the gathering. "Who are you?" they all asked, and he told them the truth: "I am Santa Claus." When the festivities were over, Kelsh knew that he had discovered the greatest gift of all-and now he'd like to share it with you.

In How to Be Santa Claus, Nick Kelsh shows you how simple it is to become the Big Man. Written in the same witty, user-friendly style that characterizes his enormously successful How to Photograph Your Baby and How to Photograph Your Family, this lighthearted manual takes you step-by-step through the process.

How to Be Santa Claus is the perfect book to melt away holiday stress. Spend a day as Santa and you will learn-as Kelsh did-that a thoughtful gesture is the greatest gift of all, for giver and receiver both.

Nick Kelsh is a renowned photographer whose work has been featured on the covers of several books in the prestigious Day in the Life series and in numerous magazines. He collaborated with writer Anna Quindlen to create the best-selling books Naked Babies and Siblings (both Penguin Studio), and is the author of How to Photograph Your Baby and How to Photograph Your Family (both Stewart, Tabori & Chang).