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Hour of the Rose (Draycott Abbey #1) by Christina Skye



FIRST EDITION. Softcover in Good Condition

The first book in the classic Draycott Abbey series from bestselling Christina Skye, now in a beautiful new package

Secrets gather in the shadows of Britain' s Draycott Abbey-intrigues of evil, unscrupulous men...and the astonishing mysteries of a star-crossed romance from centuries past. Dashing ex-Royal Marine Michael Burke has come to Draycott to unmask a treacherous conspiracy. Kelly Hamilton, a beautiful archaeologist gifted with second sight, is searching for a priceless historical relic. But soon both are caught up in the magic of the moon-drenched abbey-unexpectedly united in desire and sensuous need...as they are drawn deeper and deeper into a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. For only Michael and Kelly hold the key to the future and the past. And only their bold new passion can lay the abbey' s ghosts to rest...by fulfilling the ancient promise of a rapturous love reborn.