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Gestalt As A Way of Life: Awareness Practices by Cynthia Sheldon (2013)

Condition Details: Paperback in Fine condition. Looks near new!



Out of the body of existential teachings of Gestalt Therapy, emerged a number of practices we were invited to do as students of the Gestalt founders back in the 1960s. What are you aware of right now; give your headache a voice and have it talk to you; slow down and breathe; be more present when we connect; stop qualifying; be more specific; lose your mind & come to your senses; say that louder; tell me your truth in this moment. This book delineates a number of these principles and practices, offering some experiments for you to do. If you are able to do most of these without getting stuck you are in danger of becoming more aware, more alive, more contactful, more creative, and maybe more enlightened as well!