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Fisher-Price Little People Worlds of Adventure: A Look Inside Book Reader's Digest Association, S.I. Artists (Illustrations)



FIRST EDITION. Board Book in Good Condition.

This unique Fisher-Price book helps kids find out what’s inside a world of adventure with the turn of large die-cut pages throughout.  Colorful large board book reveals what is inside five different exciting places.  Dozens of labels teach over 250 words.
The Fisher-Price gang become pirates, perform in a circus, ride dinosaurs, live in a castle, and experience the Old West.  Kids turn the page in every spread to reveal what’s inside the location being featured – all of the stuff on a pirate ship, everything under the big top at the circus, all of the fun things to be found in the times of the dinosaurs, the cool things inside of a castle and all of the places from the Old West. 

• Kids turn the die-cut page to see what’s inside each place

• Locations include the pirate ship, circus, prehistoric cave, old western town and a castle.

• Over 250 object labels and busy scenes make this book an interactive vocabulary-builder.

• Educational value of the FP Lift-the-Flap successful

- Busy, colorful pages offer many new things to discover every time the books are opened.

- Bold labels enforce vocabulary-building and early word/object recognition.

- Every book is packed with early learning concepts (counting, colors, matching, action words, shapes, etc)

- Engaging, interactive formats encourage discovery and imagination.