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Extreme!: The Ultimate Guide to Action Sports by Triumph Books


Hardcover in Good (G) condition. DJ shows definite wear and seems stretched out/loose. Pages are clean, straight, crisp. 

Extreme! is an in-depth look into the history, stars, and fast-growing popularity of skateboarding, snow-boarding, BMX, motocross, inline skating, wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, sport climbing, and mountain biking. Each sport is explored in detail -- featuring hundreds of dramatic action photos from their sometimes-surprising beginnings to the up-and-coming stars of today. Each sport segment also features an expert writer or editor who covers the action sport for Outside, Powder, Surfing, Rolling Stone, Men's Journal, Surfer, Gravity Games . . . and more.Inside Extreme! you'll read about King of Extreme Tony Hawk, the skateboarding whiz kid who found escape from a troubled childhood by turning pro at age 14. You'll discover why Miracle Boy Dave Mirra, BMX superstar and most-decorated athlete in extreme sports history, shows no signs of slowing at the advanced age (for a BMX biker) of 28. You'll read the details of motocross wunderkind Travis Pastrana's astonishing five U.S. amateur championships. You'll find out why world famous snowboarder Terje Haakonsen decided to boycott the Olympics -- and the surprising motivation he found to create the Arctic Challenge, his own invitational event held on the remote Lofoten Islands of Norway.Extreme athletes go for it because of the thrill -- not because they have to. They go for it whether they get paid or not. They're out there putting themselves on the line for the same rush we all seek -- the rush of the extreme.