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Ending the Struggle Against Yourself: A Workbook for Developing Deep Confidence by Stan Taubman (1994)

Condition Details: Paperback in Very Good condition.


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The mantra of self-esteem has by now reached us all: we hear that we should focus on our positive aspects and discover our hidden potential for greatness. Unfortunately, however, we live in the real world, and our imperfections do not go away just because we wish them to.

Ending the Struggle Against Yourself takes us to the core of true self-esteem: deep confidence. This confidence can be seen in those fortunate few who have fully accepted the realities of their existence and have learned to integrate both their limitations and their potential into their entire being. With exercises, activities, and personal stories, this powerful workbook will show you how to face self-doubt squarely and, by learning its lessons, make it work for you instead of against you.