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Contract on America: The Mafia Murder of President John F. Kennedy by D.M. Shiem


Mass Market Paperback in Very Good condition. Light signs of wear. 

Robert F. Kennedy, in his 1960 book, 'The Enemy Within, ' identified organized crime as an 'invisible government' and wrote 'if we do not attack organized criminals with methods and techniques as effective as their own, they will destroy us.' If it is true that the assassination of John Kennedy was planned and executed by organized criminals, then the United States government, either through cowardice, incompetence or connivance, has let them get away with murder. Author David E. Scheim offers indisputable evidence of a chilling underworld scheme to control the government of the United States of America through fear, extortion, and cold-blooded murder... a terrifying conspiracy that didn't end on a Dallas street that fateful autumn afternoon over twenty-five years ago, but continues unabated to this very day!