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Blackstone's Fancy by Richard Falkirk (1974)


Mass Market Paperback in Fine (FN) unread condition. Photos are of actual book. 

“A superior example of a period piece as a whodunit… a gripping yarn.”
Cambridge Evening News

“London’s slums and underworld in the 1820s are a desperate and colourful background. Richard Falkirk has his teeth firmly into his period, and those who like their history brought to life with the vigour, violence and the degradation of London in the 1820s will enjoy his latest book.”
Worcester Evening News

“Crisp, fast-moving stuff, with a strong sense of period.”
Homes and Gardens

“A welcome return.”
The Guardian

“An exciting series.”
Bucks Standard

“The detection in Blackstone’s Fancy is secondary to Falkirk’s pictures of crime, prizefighting and the law (such as it was) 150 years ago. Good entertainment.”
Oxford Times