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Becoming a Healthy Church Workbook by Stephen A. Macchia (2001) FINE

Condition Details: Paperback in Fine condition. Looks new. Pages unused.


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Stephen Macchia's popular book Becoming a Healthy Church illustrates the ten characteristics of church health. The author suggests that all churches engage in an assessment process each year to determine the health of the church, and he has written this guide to help them in that process. With Becoming a Healthy Church Workbook, churches will be able to better analyze and improve their effectiveness in maintaining the ten qualities of a healthy church. It provides the necessary tools for churches to evaluate their health, not just growth, and improve each area. The workbook provides summaries of the ten characteristics and an appendix containing resource materials for the church to use as it works through the strategic planning process. Macchia offers seven steps to help the church assess its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, ministry options, ministry goals, and action steps. This workbook is designed to help pastors, church and denominational leaders, and other church members or committees assess the health of their church, realize its potential, and unify the church with a plan toward better health.