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Bad Pets: True Tales of Misbehaving Animals by Allan Zullo



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition.

The animal kingdom has its share of trouble-makers and mischief-makers; scoundrels and stinkers; goofballs and nitwits. This book is a lighthearted collection of true stories involving mammals and birds — both wild and tame — whose antics have ranged from the absurd to the zany. If these creatures were people, many of their shenanigans would have landed them in jail, like the shoplifting seagull, carjacking dog, and clothes-stealing cat. You'll read about such outrageous animals as the dog who "drove" a garbage truck into the river... the deer that sent students scattering after it crashed into their classroom... the potty-mouthed parrot who loved offending people as they walked to church... and the bears that barged into a restaurant and ate all the food left behind by the fleeing customers.