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Haley's Cleaning Hints by Graham Haley



Hardcover in Fine/Like New (F or FN) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. 

Hot on the heels of the international best-selling home reference book Haley's Hints (over 500,000 hardcover copies sold!), and in response to an overwhelming demand for cleaning tips, comes Graham and Rosemary Haley's brand new book Haley's Cleaning Hints.

Here are over 1000 ways to clean and organize your home and possessions using regular household products with multiple cleaning and stain-removing abilities...Haley's Household Heroes!

--Tarnished silverware cleans itself in 10 seconds!
--Pet accident on carpet leaves no trace of odor
--Red wine stain disappears in 5 seconds
--Clean vegetables of pesticides and pest easily, cheaply, and naturally
--A special section on home-made cleaning products makes cleaning quick, simple, and affordable. Some even say fun!

Destined to become a classic around the home, this sturdy and humorous guide also makes a great gift.