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The Outport People by Claire Mowat (2005)



Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

'A captivating tale....Claire Mowat writes with warmth and sensitivity.' -Winnipeg Free Press Claire Mowat and her husband, Farley, arrived in Baleena by schooner. There were no roads, no cars and no telephones. The tiny village that nestled among the rocky hills of Newfoundland's desolate southern coast had existed for generations with ancient customs and patterns of speech that still endured-while the modern world waited impatiently in the wings. Drawing on a wealth of first-hand experience-the Mowats lived in the outport community for five years-Claire Mowat has written a fictional memoir that beautifully recreates an almost vanished world. A world where life revolved tightly around the home and neighbours watched over one another. A world where one's kitchen was open to anyone who might drop in, day or night. A world that Claire Mowat grew to love.