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Tales From the Flat Earth, Night's Daughter, Deliriums Mistress, Nights Sorceries by Tanith Lee (1987)


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Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Sci-Fi Book Club Edition.

Born of a Demon Lord's whim, she must find her destiny in the world above.
Two vividly imagined volumes in one:
Delirium's Mistress. Azhriaz, Daughter of Night, was the child of Night's Master, and he had hidden her where none could find her None, that is, but his enemy Chuz, who spirited Azhriaz away to the world above.
But Azhrarn would not easily accept losing that which he considered his, and even such determined lovers as Delusion's Master and Delirium's Mistress could not long hide from the Demon Lord's wrath.
Night's Sorceries. While Chuz and Azhriaz dwelt together in the world of men, their magic worked strange spells on all with whom the lovers and their pursuer came in contact. Time itself was turned back, wizards found their most powerful spells recast, and a mere mortal dared to reach as high as the moon and the sun.