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The Girls Are Missing by Caroline Crane (1980)



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Book Club Edition.

Mystery Writers of America Presents:

Terrifying suspense

Before her marriage to Carl Gilwood, life for Joyce, a widow, was filled with hardship. Now she can make a new beginning for herself and her young daughter Gail. Now Gail will have a chance to grow up safe in the suburbs...

Until two girls are reported missing. Until Gail and her friend, playing one summer afternoon in the woods, make a grisly discovery. Then another missing girl is found murdered.

The crimes are hideous, the work of a maniac, an irrational killer. His victims could be anybody. So could he. Is he the local wino, or some neighbor hiding behind a façade of respectability? Panic rages. The heat is on Police Chief Frank D'Amico to find the killer before another girl dies. The murders go on. With Carl at work all day, Joyce is left to cope alone. And to wonder. Her life is falling apart. Her family is in danger-from more than just the murders. Then Gail and her playmate disappear...