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Mythago Wood (The Mythago Cycle, 1) by Robert Holdstock (2003)


Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

With the publication of Mythago Wood, Robert Holdstock is established as one of the major writers of modern fantasy. Mythago Wood puts Holdstock in the distinguished company of such fantasists as John Crowley and Gene Wolfe, at the very top of the field.

Ryhope Wood, the forest of the title, in a remote corner of Britain, is a small and forgotten remnant of the ancient and original great forest that once covered the land. From the time of the last Ice Age, even to this day, the wood remains unexplored.

On the edge of the forest the Huxley family lives. In the 1930s, George Huxley discovered some of the mysteries of the wood and, until his death in 1946, was obsessed with its exploration. Now, his son, Christian, lives again in the house by the wood and has discovered his father's notes. His brother, Steven, has disappeared into the wood, taking up the father's quest, and Chris is caught up gradually in the mystery.

For a strange disjunction with reality appears in and around the wood invading the Huxley home. Here int his ancient place are preserved in living actuality the mythic personages of the human racial unconscious, who inhabit the wood. One who approaches the wood enters another world, the most primitive and powerful existence that humanity can imagine.

And Chris must follow the others, including the beautiful huntress Mythago, on a journey to the far heart of the wood, where the most ancient and perilous monsters still live. And rule.

Chris Huxley pursues his beloved huntress through this mysterious altered reality, always challenged by his brother, Steven, who has become as primitive and powerful as the savage, dark mythago characters whom Steven now leads. For Steven also desires the huntress, and the ultimate power that lives at the center of Mythago Wood.

Written with elegant and authoritative style, originally conceived, populated with mythic figures, Mythago Wood is a masterpiece of contemporary fantasy.