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A Falcon for a Queen by Catherine Gaskin (1972)



Paper Book in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

It was a long way from China, to Cluain, the great, austere manor house in the Scottish Highlands. As the young girl stepped from the train that had brought her to northern Scotland, a sense of such loneliness and desolation assailed her that the distance seemed even greater. Was it an omen?

What force had driven her to seek out a mysterious and embittered grandfather she had never known? What impelled her -- unannounced and probably unwelcome -- toward an ancestral home she had never seen? The answers came readily to mind, but they only added to her fear and anxiety.

"She has killed..." The sinister message was spelled out in shaky characters on the Chinese scroll in Kirsty Howard's baggage. They were the final, enigmatic words received from her brother, who had died suddenly on a visit to Cluain. And Cluain was Kirsty Howard's destination.