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Our Wildest Dreams: Women Entrepreneurs Making Money, Having Fun, Doing Good by Joline Godfrey (1992)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

By 1995, almost half of the new business owners in America will be women. Their emerging voices are already starting to challenge our cherished notions about what business is and how it should be run. Not content to give their most productive years only to bump against the "glass ceiling" or work in megacorporations that consume every waking hour, women are leaving the Fortune 1000 in droves. They're voting with their feet, closing the door on corporate rigidity, and inventing their own companies in which they can as Godfrey puts it, "make money, have fun, and do good." Herself an entrepreneur, Godfrey talks about the special qualities (the "New Right Stuff") that women often bring to a business--qualities rarely recognized or fully appreciated. These include a head, heart, and hands policy, a comfort with connectedness, an appreciation of process and complexity, and an integrated vision of business and ethics. These aren't skills taught in business schools, but are resources lodged deep in the human psyche. They color the voices of women entrepreneurs from around the country who speak out in this book, with stories that resound with hope and energy, daring, and sheer exhilaration. Listen carefully--these are the voices of new leaders who are transforming the business landscape. At a time when corporate wisdom all springs from a male perspective, from the Japanese to The One Minute Manager, from Tom Peters to the Tao, Our Wildest Dreams is genuinely in a class by itself. The exciting possibility of a new way of doing business--not just women's business, but everyone's--is emerging from a never-before-tapped source. And that source, whether we realize it or not, is changing the shape of business in America.non