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Eat Better, Live Better : A Commonsense Guide to Nutrition and Good Health by Reader's Digest Staff (1982)



Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. NO DUST JACKET, book is in Fine condition, still crisp and no soil.

Most people tend to think of healthy eating as a minefield of do's and don'ts, but Eat Better Live Better shows how food should be seen as something to be enjoyed as well as being good for you. Good health depends on what people eat and how much exercise they take. Using this book, you can get the balance right for you and your family.
Most of this book is made up of over 300 recipes. All of them are written in easy-to-follow stages and are photographed in full colour. They cater for every occasion.
Apart from the recipes, there are four other sections in the book. The first section, Buying and Cooking for Health, gives advice on what to look for in shops and what to avoid. Confusing terms on food labels are explained and useful tips are given on how valuable nutrients can be kept in food when cooking or storing it.
After the recipes, Food and Our Bodies describes in simple language what the basic building blocks of food are and then goes on to tell the fascinating story of how food is converted to energy or to living tissue like skin, bone and muscle. Eating and Exercise for a Healthy Life provides practical advice on living and eating sensibly.
The final section, Special Diets for Special Needs, is written for those with particular dietary requirements.