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W.C. Privy's Original Big Fat Bathroom Companion by Erin and Mingo Barrett, Jack (2005)



Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. NO DUST JACKET.

Who needs a magazine when you've got W.C. Privy's Original BIG FAT Bathroom Companion at your fingertips!

W.C. Privy's Original Big Fat Bathroom Companion is a book that is designed to make a porcelain throne into a seat of higher learning and is guaranteed to make a big splash with you, you friends, and family.

You want trivia, brainteasers, facts, stories, or instructions on how to build an igloo? Look no further, because W.C. Privy's Original Big Fat Bathroom Companion has them all. It's chock-full of jokes, stories, historical factoids, quizzes, trivia, and pop-culture fun, including:

How to Build an Authentic Teepee The Mystical Origins of Gumby How to Charm a Snake All About Underpants 12 Reasons Ya Gotta Love Idaho The History of the Hawaiian Shirt And last but certainly not least...
What Happens After You Flush
Jack Mingo and Erin Barrett are syndicated columnists who have written twenty-four amusing books. They have been chosen by W.C. Privy's heirs to carry on his tradition of providing superlative bathroom reading at a reasonable price.