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The Secrets of Sadie Maynard by Linda Anderson (1999)



Paperback in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

After making a name for herself in war zones around the world, photojournalist Memphis Maynard returns to her hometown in the hills of West Virginia on a most personal assignment. Her ex-lover, a tabloid reporter, is writing a juicy expose about the sensational unsolved 1936 murder of Memphis's grandmother, Sadie Maynard. Memphis is determined to beat him to the punch. But what she finds is suspicious: close-mouthed townspeople committed to protecting Cutter Tate, the respected grandson of the now deceased prime suspect. And the only news they're willing to share -- the frequent sightings of Sadie's ghost -- strikes her as backwoods nonsense.

But Memphis soon finds herself humming a hymn carried by the wind, noticing haunting lights in the woods, and feeling the undeniable touch of an otherworldly presence. As she and Cutter are thrown together, and forces threaten all they hold dear, Memphis must decide whether the spirit that's guiding her is leading her to the answers she seeks, or warning her away from a long-dormant, and now reawakened, danger.