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Building Mental Muscle by Allen D. Bragdon (2003)



Paperback in Fine/Like New (Fn or F) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

"Building Mental Muscle" combines two appealing elements into something nobody has seen before, and everybody wants once they see it. First, "Building Mental Muscle" offers synopses of current brain research, which is a hot topic these days in both the scientific community and among the general public. Because of technological advances in brain imaging, gene mapping, and biochemistry, the brain is no longer a black box, and everybody is fascinated by what's being discovered about its workings and structure. Second, this book features interactive instruments--puzzles, games, and self-tests--that allow the reader to apply the theory presented in the accompanying articles, and to exercise the part of the brain the instrument relates to. The more we know about the brain, the more the divide breaks down between separating the brain and the body, and the clearer it becomes that the "use it or lose it" philosophy applies to our brains as well as our biceps. Until now, nobody has combined these two elements--useful and interesting information about the brain and entertaining interactive exercised--in this way. The key point is "Use It or Lose It." Other key points are: 1)The facts are reliable because they are reports of the most recent research. 2)That information is applicable to real-life situations that can help you improve performance in six zones of practical intelligence. 3)The brain adds neural connections with use, so doing the exercises actually builds specific skills, as targeted exercises of the body builds abs and pecs. 4)An active and fit brain gives you a competitive edge professionally and prevents the quality of your life from deteriorating as your brain ages. 5)Doesn't everyone want to improve Memory, Social Sensitivity, Emotional Awareness, Executive Planning Skills, Visual Creativity, and Language or Computational Abilities? 5)And everybody owns one.