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Roses in Winter by Joan Dial (1982)



Mass Market Paperback in Good condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. Discoloration from age, but straight and clean.

 From the history of two generations touched by two great wars, comes a soaring epic of the human heart...of a girl born to a dying woman in the Great War's last dark hour, to live in England's most privileged splendor...of a young man who ran from a world of riches to the wild freedom of the mighty Mississippi.

          In the bleak mines and stately mansions of post-war Britain...the teeming streets and smoky brothels of New Orleans...the intrigues of the French Resistance...the terrors of Hitler's Gestapo...

And in all the passing years between...

          They shared a lifelong mystery begun in the dying echoes of an old battle, and found a love whose seeds were planted in the war-scorched earth, to flower at last, like...


Short Description:
An aristocratic Englishman raises a baby orphaned during the final fighting of World War I, but the child's life is haunted by the mystery of her parents' identity.