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Fletch Reflected (#11) by Gregory McDonald (1994)


Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. Sale price tag on front. Dust jacket slightly worn. No tears.

First edition!

When Fletch's newfound son, Jack, decides to help a former lover in distress, his kindness brings him trouble. Shana Staufel is about to marry the son of a multimillionaire, the eccentric inventor of the perfect mirror. But her prenuptial bliss is marred by fears that someone is trying to kill Chester Radliegh, her fiance's father. Jack agrees to go undercover to investigate and is drawn into a bizarre and increasingly deadly family drama. Jack's arrival is marked with an explosion in the research lab which instantly kills a scientist. Obviously the intended victim, Chester Radliegh is in serious danger. What Jack doesn't know is that the explosion is only the beginning of a killer's quest to murder the inventor. As things heat up, Jack learns there are more suspects than guests at the Radliegh estate. He also knows that if he isn't careful, he could be the next "accidental" fatality. As he runs out of solutions, Jack is left with one alternative. But "Dad, " his last, best hope, is busy trying to help his son's mother recover from diet madness. With some misgivings, Fletch interrupts his worthy endeavor to help Jack out of another predicament, thrusting the duo back into action.