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The Bad Popes by E. R. Chamberlin (1971)



Mass Market Paperback in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. Some pages have been bent over. Discoloration for age.

First Printing 1971.

Let yourself be swept up by this colorful, panoramic story of seven men who ruled the Church of Rome at seven critical periods in the 600 years leading up to the Reformation. During this age of grandeur & corruption, popes led armies, made love & war, conspired for power, & armed themselves with the techniques of assassination & seduction while clothed with the authority of the Church. Dramatic accounts of these papal bad boys include: Urban VI, the wild man from Naples, whose grotesque savageries widened & maintained the scandalous gap of the Great Schism; Alexander VI, who brought to the See of Peter the intrigues of the Borgia; & Clement VII, the unskillful fox, whose fall brought down Rome itself. Profusely illustrated with architectural photos & contemporary art from both Catholic & Protestant sources, this absorbing work vividly depicts the ecclesiastical corruptions which changed the course of history.