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Sleeping Beauty by Judith Michael (1991)


Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. Dust jacket shows wear. 

Anne Garnett is a high-powered divorce lawyer-tough, smart, and untouchable. She has carefully constructed a life in which success is measured in units of money, possessions, and power. But she has just as carefully buried the vulnerable girl who ran away from the wealthy, influential family that betrayed her when she needed them most.

When Anne reads that her beloved grandfather Ethan has died, she gathers her courage to return for his funeral. Suddenly she is swept up by the powerful emotions she has so painstakingly avoided, and by her estranged family, now eager to know their lost sheep. Tamarack, Colorado, the town Ethan built, playground of the rich and famous, becomes a new home for Anne, until her suave, charismatic uncle Vince reappears to settle a conflict begun twenty-four years before-a conflict he will escalate into a battle for control of the family empire, the family name, the family love. But Anne is no longer the frightened teenager she was when she last faced Vince. She is now a proud, beautiful woman, finally awakening from her long sleep to discover her own power to win and, more crucially, her power to love fully and completely.